Resources for Clarinetists

Improve Your Playing

Just getting started or returning to clarinet after an extended break? Check out these amazing online educational resources.

Clarinet Mentors

My name is Michelle Anderson, and for 30 years I have been performing professionally and teaching students of all ages to find easier ways to play the clarinet.

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Air Revelation

Join Dr. Wesley Ferreira in is Air Revelation video training program to improve your breath support, tone, technique, and enjoyment of the clarinet.

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Music Business Tools

Careers aren’t made in the practice room. Stay on top of the game with these valuable tools.

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Build a Website

A great website is a priceless networking and marketing tool for today’s entrepreneurial musician.

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Free Content

Clarineat might be the internet’s favourite clarinet podcast, but don’t forget to check out the work of these other amazing content creators that are sure to help you grow as a musician.


  • The Portfolio Composer with Garrett Hope
    Learn valuable business skills and life lessons from some of the world’s most notable composers, authors, and business leaders such as David Maslanka, Robert W. Smith, John David Mann, and many more. Garrett is a passionate and engaging host, and a fantastic interviewer who always gets the best possible stories out of his guests.
  • Contrabass Conversations with Jason Heath
    One of the world’s most successful niche podcasts with over 1 million downloads each year, this is your chance to see things differently and learn about “life on the low end of the spectrum.” Jason’s positive, upbeat vibe combined with amazing stories that give a string player’s perspective on music make this a must listen. Almost makes me want to play bass. Almost…

YouTube Channels

  • Earspasm by Michael Lowenstern
    A man like no other with a one and only career. The one… The only… Michael Lowenstern! He shares playing tips, reviews, commentary, and even performs Bach in the Bachyard (and bathroom!) on his quirky but incredible channel that showcases his depth of knowledge, prodigious skill, and endlessly compelling personality. A true gem.

Podcasting Tools

This is a list of tools used to produce the podcast. If you’re looking to produce your own audio content this is a great place to start.

Home Podcasting Gear

Portable Podcasting Setup

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