Episode 69 – 100,000 Downloads Celebration

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In today’s episode of the podcast host Sean Perrin celebrates the upcoming milestone of 100 thousand downloads of the Clarineat Podcast. He shares stats from the podcast and website, talks about ways to support the show, and listeners send in their thoughts on their favourite moments from the podcast. At the end of the podcast one of the listeners who submitted a voicemail will win a $100 gift card to the Clarineat online store. Thank you so much for listening and I look forward to the next 100 thousand downloads!

Discussion Topics

  • Podcast and website stats
  • Where the show is listened to
  • Social media following
  • Website stats
  • Supporting the podcast and creating a culture of sponsorship online
  • Reasons why you should (or should NOT) support the show
  • A short excerpt from the Sam Harris Waking up Podcast
  • How to support the show indirectly
  • Messages from Clarineat listeners
  • On-air draw for the $100 gift card



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