Episode 17 – Ed Joffe (Part 1 of 3) on woodwind doubling and his new album “Contrasts”

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In this episode of the Clarineat Podcast host Sean Perrin speaks with Ed Joffe about woodwind doubling for clarinetists and his brand new album “Contrasts.” Ed has been a vital part of the New York music scene for over 40 years. He has performed in every type of musical situation imaginable, ranging from broadway shows such as “Fosse” and “Victor Victoria”; Chamber ensembles such as the Philip Glass and Steve Reich Ensembles; and orchestral performances with The New York Philharmonic and New York City Ballet Orchestras.

Ed has offered numerous clinics on woodwinds and jazz at music education conferences and universities, is a graduate of the Juilliard School and the first person to receive his doctorate in multiple woodwind performance from the Graduate School of the City University of New York. Dr. Joffe has worked and studied with some of the most respected woodwind artists of our time including Joe Allard,  Eddie Daniels, and Ron Reuben.

Ed was a professor of music at New Jersey City University for 24 years, where he was Coordinator of Jazz & Woodwinds Studies. Under his guidance, the multiple woodwind and jazz studies programs  were hailed as among the best in the country.

Discussion Topics:

  • Woodwind doubling
  • Studying with Eddie Daniels and Joe Allard
  • Studio music jobs
  • Love of music throughout life
  • Challenges of doubling
  • On-the-job learning
  • Being a musical “chameleon”
  • Ed’s new album “Contrasts”
  • “Writing” about your life through recording
  • The album as a narrative experience
  • Achieving personal goals
  • Doing what you love

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