What’s New and Neat at ClarinetFest 2017

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Join Sean Perrin from the Clarineat Podcast as he takes you on a tour of what’s new and neat for clarinet at this year’s ClarinetFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

This trip was made possible by the generous support of Backun Musical Services, our sponsor D’Addario Woodwinds, and clarineat listeners via direct donation and support on Patreon. Thank you to all for making this trip possible!

Featured vendors, (Mostly) Alphabetical Order:

1:03 Backun Musical Services: www.backunmusicalservices.com
2:23 Behn Mouthpieces: www.clarinetmouthpiece.com
2:35 Buffet Crampon: www.buffetcrampon.com
4:21 Brian Corbin Clarinet Products: www.corbinclarinetproducts.com
5:09 D’Addario Woodwinds: www.daddario.com/woodwinds
5:32 Devon & Burgani Clarinets: www.devon.com.br
6:48 Stanley Drucker’s Heritage Collection: www.digitalforce.com/clarineat (use code CLARINEAT)
8:26 Duo Music Clarinet Shop: www.duoclarinetshop.com
9:01 SABRE Multisensor: www.sabre-mt.com
9:35 Ed Joffe: Joffewoodwinds.com
10:33 Clark W Fobes: www.clarkwfobes.com
12:21 Luyben Ligature: www.luybenmusic.com
13:10 Julian Bliss with LebLanc: www.conn-selmer.com
13:45 Match Pitch Barrel: www.moe-bleichner.com
14:43 Belt Held Sax Strap co-designed with Michael Lowenstern: www.moe-bleichner.com
15:53 Pittel Hand-Eze: www.pittelhandeze.com
16:46 Pereira 3D: www.pereira3D.com
17:40 Rice Clarinet Works: www.clarinetworks.com
18:06 Rossi Clarinets: www.louisrossi.com
18:51 Royal Musical Instruments: www.royalmusicalinstruments.com
19:24 Selmer USA: www.conn-selmer.com
20:27 Vandoren Paris: www.vandoren-en.com
22:12 Yamaha: www.yamaha.com

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