Clarineat Interview Preparation

The Clarineat Podcast studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Before Your Interview

So, you’ve got an upcoming interview on the Clarineat Podcast… congratulations! At least two weeks before your interview, please complete these steps will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Please note: If any of these items are not completed the interview will be rescheduled or cancelled.

1. Complete the “Guest Info Form”

This convenient form allows you to submit all relevant information to me. This includes a biography I have permission to publish, a picture I have permission to share in perpetuity, a release form, and more. Once this information is submitted you will be contacted to confirm a time and date.

To access the Guest Info form, click here. (Link opens in a new tab, simply close it when you are done to return here.).

2. Send Samples (If applicable)

If you wish to provide a sample item, a giveaway for Clarineat listeners, or an item for review, please be sure to send them at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure arrival.* Some shipments (for example from Australia) have taken longer, so please take your location into account. Items sent will NOT be returned unless you pay return shipping including the cost of packaging. Please mail it to:

Clarineat c/o Sean Perrin
253 Arbour Grove Close NW
Calgary, AB
Canada T3G 4J4

*Items MUST be marked as samples (because they are!) with a declared customs value of $0 or they will be returned to sender no matter what they are.

3. Use a Quality Microphone

Sometimes the built-in mic on the computer or phone will be ok, but usually not. If you don’t already have a quality mic, it’s best to consider purchasing an affordable headset for online conversations. Here are four great options you can consider, organized by price from lowest to highest.*

USB “Plug and Play” Head Sets

  1. Logitech H450 (covers both ears, factory refurbished) – $14 VALUE OPTION
  2. Logitech H540 (covers both ears)- $29
  3. Sennheiser PC 7 Head Set (covers only one ear) -$35
  4. Sennheiser PC 8 (covers both ears) – $35 BEST QUALITY/SOUND

*Please note that while purchasing a headset is highly suggested, it is not mandatory. However, if sound quality is poor, the interview will need to be rescheduled.

4. Install Skype and Adjust Settings

You will need to install Skype on your computer. To do this, click here.

Make sure that your microphone is working by doing a Skype test call (see the video below).

Second, make sure to select the correct microphone, adjust the level, and then disable the setting “Automatically adjust microphone settings” in the preferences.

5. Add user “Clarineat” to skype.

I’ll also add you, but just to be safe please add me as well.

That’s it!

I look forward to our conversation very much and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please note that we are NOT speaking live on the air so there is no reason at all to be nervous since I edit extensively and with great care for how you sound. The interview will be prerecorded, edited, mixed, and released up to 8 weeks after the recording date. If you would like to hear the recording before it airs or request edits just ask. Once uploaded the recording cannot be adjusted.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you! Relax and enjoy the conversation!