Since the launch of in January 2016 traffic has steadily grown to between 10 and 12 thousand pageviews per month. The podcast has been listened to over 60 thousand times in over 72 countries around the world, and is followed by over 5000 people across all forms of social media. The Clarineat email list has over 1000 subscribers with open rates exceeding 50 percent on a regular basis, and above average industry click through rates.

In short, Clarineat presents advertisers with the opportunity to target a uniquely attentive audience of clarinet players around the world with podcast ads, banner ads, social media shares, email blasts and more, while at the same time helping to support the next generation of exciting new content for the clarinet community.


“Informative, intellectual, and Fantastic!”

iTunes Reviewer Elana99

“…Some of the best clarinet content being produced right now.”

Legere Reeds (Facebook Post June 13, 2016)

“Really great!”

Jason Heath (Contrabass Conversations Podcast Ep. 238)


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