79 – The Top Episodes of 2017

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In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m having a look back at some of the top episodes of 2017. Find out the most popular episode in download numbers, which was voted listener favorite, which one generated the most discussion, and which was my personal favorite.

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The Top Episodes of 2017:

  • Most Popular Episode (6,000 downloads)
  • Listener’s Choice Episode
  • Most Discussed Episode
  • Sean’s Personal Favorite Episode


Most Popular Episode

49 – Clark W. Fobes on his World-Renown Products

  • Full-Length Episode: Fobes discusses his clarinet accessory business, professional playing and doubling career, and new products that he is working on.
  • The Top Episodes of 2017: Features an excerpt of Fobes discussing his extension for the Eb clarinet.
  • www.clarkwfobes.com


Listener’s Choice Episode

  • Full-Length Episode: Morales discusses a wide range of topics including, his professional playing career and his time spent working with Morrie Backun developing the MoBa clarinet.
  • The Top Episodes of 2017: Morales describes the development of the MoBa clarinet, including a funny story about asking Morrie to dye his cocobolo bells and barrels black.
  • www.backunmusical.com


Most Discussed Episode

48 – How Eric Salazar Grew his Facebook Page by 6000%

  • Full-Length Episode: Salazar shares his insight on developing a successful Facebook page.
  • The Top Episodes of 2017: Features an excerpt on how Salazar devotes time to managing his Facebook page.
  • www.ericsalazarclarinet.com


Sean’s Personal Favorite Episode

  • Full-Length Episode: Drucker shares his experiences as a clarinetist performing all over the world and his new “Heritage Collection,” a set of CD’s featuring Stanley Drucker’s live past performances.
  • The Top Episodes of 2017: In this excerpt, Drucker reflects on how pieces that he performed early in his career would be different if he performed them today.


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